Kenya Vision 2030

Kenya Vision 2030 social pillar – Health (Medical Services and Public Services and Sanitation) Sector Flagship Projects

  • Rehabilitation of Health Facilities
  • Strengthen Kenya Medical Supplies Agency
  • Human Resource Strategy
  • Develop Equitable Financing Mechanism
  • Community Based Information Systems
  • De-Linking Ministry of Health from Service Delivery
  • Rehabilitation of Rural Health Facilities to Offer Integrated and Comprehensive Healthcare
  • Develop Human Resources Strategy
  • Fast-track implementation of the Community Strategy by training Community Health Workers (CHWs)
  • Channel funds directly to health facilities
  • Implement Environment and Hygiene Policy and Strategy
  • Implement Output Based Approach (OBA) in Reproductive Health
  • Restructure Ministries of Health
  • Revitalize Efficacy of the Health Management Information System